Dr. Quy Tran

Strong Leadership with Bold Solutions

Pleasant Hill was built on strong values.  It has been a place to grow up, raise a family, or age in place.  I was attracted to the area for its welcoming charm and want to see it continue to be a place that people choose to live.  It has become home to me, my wife, my daughter, and my parents, and as such, I see the ongoing challenges as opportunities to reinvigorate this ideal.  

I believe in the Pleasant Hill story and want that narrative to be accessible to everyone.  As a physician caring for the seriously ill, as a dedicated father volunteering at my daughter's pre-school and elementary school, and as a fierce community advocate delivering results throughout the area, I am deeply committed to helping others and reinvesting in our community.  I will be your strong voice who will not waiver to deliver bold solutions.

My name is Dr. Quy Tran.  I have a 5 Point Plan
Let's move Pleasant Hill forward.

A Poem for Pleasant Hill
Recited by Quy Tran at PH 4th of July Parade, 7/4/24

In Pleasant Hill where stories unfold,
Historic roots and traditions retold,
With diversity shining,
And families thriving,
A community so vibrant and bold.